Five Friday Faves.

Praise the Good Lord it’s Friday!!! (I say this every week)

1. Today is my cheat day.  I have been eating [pretty] healthy all week long, and I love a cheat meal on Friday night.  Last week we had this:


If you can believe this, it tasted even better than it looks!

2. I love this.  I look forward to it way too much on Friday morning.  I don’t even have the words to tell you.



3. On Saturday night we are going to the duck basketball game.  #Ilovecollegesports  We had such a great time with my Mom and Dad at the Civil War basketball game a couple weeks ago, and I can’t wait to go back.  Even if I only get to go because the tickets were a birthday gift and the recipient had a conflict. Sad, but I’m happy to step in!

4. This.


Seriously kids, run-don’t walk- to try this stuff. I can only vouch for the Vanilla Bean- cause that is my favorite flavor of anything ice cream related and so it’s all I’ve tried.  Someone recently told me you could freeze any kind of Greek Yogurt in the freezer and if you let it thaw for 20 min, it would taste just like frozen yogurt.  Well guess what? THEY WERE LYING.  Trust me I tried it. #fail #Istillateit #gagging I love few things more than frozen yogurt (If you are reading this, you already know about it), and I promise this does not taste like healthy food.  So so good.

5. Finally, can this be my license plate please?


Minus the E on the end and the California, although lately this freezing, foggy, rainy weather has me considering it.


TGIF!! also titled I Have No Self Control At Target

Finally Friday- thank the good Lord!!

I got my big Starbucks this morning- did you?

Have you been to Target lately?  This is the time of year that Target basically gets half of my paycheck each month.  #Isinglehandedlykeeptheirlightson

We won’t talk about how many times I have been to Target this week alone (3). Or how much I spent (hint: it was not less than $50).  Let’s just say I kind of like Target at Christmastime.

Despite telling myself on Wednesday that I would not visit Target again this week, I ventured out today for this watch I came across online and thought I had to have:


I am pretty sure that every single watch I have ever bought for myself has been a Michael Kors knock-off and this is no exception.  Maybe one day I’ll buy the real thing?  Anyway, for $14.99 I’d say this makes a good substitute. I try not to spend too much $$$ on pieces that are “trendy.”

In addition, I “accidentally” bought this coat. I have been looking for a nice work coat that has a hood.  All of my really warm coats don’t have a hood, and that just does not fly in the OR.  I saw it while walking by to the watches, and it was on sale!

long puffer coat


It’s so cute on, and I love the belt that cinches in the waist.  I will wear the heck out of this thing.

Plus I am tired of wearing my fuschia coat every single day.  That thing is from 2008, and one of my MAs told me today that she didn’t know my name but always refers to me as “Fuschia jacket.”  As embarrassing as this is to some, I can think of worse nicknames.

Peace to the middle east, and ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!!





Is it alright if I check the weather for Phoenix on my iphone several times a day?

I CANNOT WAIT to be in the sun and by the pool in a few short days!!!


I am going to have one heck of a week at work trying to get everything wrapped up before I take off.  Too many people to see, meetings to attend, and conference calls to hold before I can leave for Paradise.  Things have been a little bit dramatic lately, and I am ready to get the heck out of here!

I have had the best weekend hanging out with BCW, as TW is in Oklahoma visiting her sister.  BW and I have gone out to dinner, discussed every possible thing sports-related, rehashed the current events in my job, watched lots of March Madness, went to see some Corban Baseball under the lights, and even squeezed in a DQ run. Mom claims to be jealous- but we know she is having a great time.

Another highlight was the beautiful sunshine that came out today!!! Managed to squeeze in a good walk with @Sfrost.  It cracked me up when I pulled up to Riverfront Park and it looked like the entire city of Salem was there acting as though it is the first day of summer.  I can’t remember the last time I saw it that packed.  Clearly I am not alone in missing the sunshine.  I just feel lucky that I was able to drag a certain Someone out in the crowds 😉

And special shout-out to the people at the park with their cat on a leash.  I would never be brave enough to be you.