Girl Got Problems.

[ I would like to preface this post by saying I am having a very busy week.  I have been up in Portland for work, and tomorrow is my last day for the year.  One thing to know about my job- there is a ton of Admin to do for month-end.  Even more so for year-end.  So you could say I have a lot on my mind.  I have to-do lists in several places of all I need to do because we are leaving tomorrow night for GP for the weekend.  You will see how this “busy mind” comes into play and was a big factor in the following account].

Once upon a time (today), I was near downtown for work over my lunch hour and decided to return a mis-guided purchase at JC Penney.  Some people spend too much at Sephora and return out of buyer’s remorse (I had a coupon, ok?). Anyway, I was hurrying thinking of all I had to do and missed a couple phone calls from coworkers, so I was just trying to jet in and out of there.  Post return, I drove home to grab a bite to eat.  I went to grab my hidden work laptop but it was nowhere to be found.  Thought I must have hid it in a different place.  Nope, not in the car anywhere.  Suddenly my blood turns cold and I start literally shaking as I realize I must have left my laptop at JCPs.  Maybe I set it down on their counter while signing for my refund? I had horrific flashings in my mind of it being stolen and long gone, my firing, saying some secret words I won’t repeat here…and then frantically reversing to head back to the mall and praying the whole way.  I got stuck in some extra Christmas mall traffic on Commercial and continued to panic.  Tried to call the store but got stuck in the phone tree.  Eventually decided I was losing my mind sitting on Commercial bumper to bumper so I swerved over to park on the street by my church/Marion Street.  I blew the meter off and just ran.  I kid you not, I do not think I have ever sprinted faster in my life.  In my mind, I felt like I was running to save my job.  Literally, I saw/heard stuff fly out of my pockets of my coat, but I did not stop to pick it up.  I didn’t even care.  When I finally got to the store just a minute or two later, I was completely out of breath.  I went and looked behind the counter and saw my laptop sitting there.  Cue the big sigh of relief. Thank you, Jesus!  I went and tried to ask the salesgirl but I couldn’t even talk because I was so out of breath.  Finally she got the point and gave it back to me.  I have never been so stinking happy to see that old chunky thing.  Someone was watching out for me big time today!

Hello world!

Well folks, after reading the blogs of a few good friends, (ahem Becca Sue and SFrost) I thought it would be fun to try a little blogging of my own.  The last few weeks of my life have resulted in me saying goodbye to a long, bumpy chapter and opening myself to a brand new one.

I am sure 0.0 people will read these words, but if nothing else I will always have a record of these fun days ahead. So here we go!