Do you know about BB Creams?

I feel like I read about them everywhere lately.  One part makeup, one part skin care. A lot like tinted moisturizer, except they have a lot of skin-improving benefits.  They have SPF, moisturizing, and some anti-aging properties to them with a little bit of coverage.  (Not enough for me to go out in- I’d like to keep the friends I have :))  So for me the real purpose is in lieu of a primer for under foundation.  And at this stage in life, if it prevents aging, I’m all for that. Anyway.  I recently ventured out to Sephora with a few good names to try, and was graciously given samples for some of the best. Here are my two faves…


Smashbox.  Very well-known brand, great reputation.  All of their products photograph very well, and make your skin look pretty amazing.  This really made the perfect base for under foundation, and controlled shine very well as the day went on.  And the SPF is 35, which is the highest of those I’ve seen.


Too Faced.  Another good brand and this one claims to be illuminating.  I liked that.  This one did have a very nice sheen to it, and I thought it gave a good amount of coverage under foundation.  Only SPF 20.  Incidentally, this tube is 1.5x the size of the Smashbox for a few dollars less.

The best part about this type of product is that -though they are spendy up front- they say to apply only a pea-sized amount of product every day, so a tube should last quite some time.  I will be using up my samples for another 3-4 weeks, but I intend to purchase one of the two above when I run out.

Soapbox moment: I am on a skin-care kick.  One important aspect of this is that it is basically mandatory to wear an SPF everyday. Even in the O.R. Not optional.  I will fully admit that I was not on this train until recently.  But any expert will tell you it is the #1 way to fight aging, and we all should be doing it! Preaching over! 😉

SO- If you are looking for a lighter coverage product and you have good skin, a BB cream might be the perfect thing for you. Improve your skin a little and get your SPF in one product.  Quick and easy- no foundation needed!

OR- If you are like me, and have a few things you prefer to cover up, this makes a great base for foundation and is actually improving the quality of your skin underneath 🙂