So. Last week the Walkers went on a mini getaway to Seattle for this girl’s birthday.  [You might remember we have done this once before.]

Typically we just go for a long weekend.  We take the train, we eat real good food, we watch some baseball games, we shop at the Flagship for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and then we hit the Spa.  It is kind of the best thing.

As expected, all good vacations start like this:

And then we took this:

This year we stayed here.

in downtown Seattle.  I did already Instagram this, but here’s the view from our room.

and at night:

So pretty.  Our family friend is a VP for Red Lion Hotels and he hooked us up with a great view.

We stayed across the street from one of my favorite Seattle staples- Specialty’s Bakery.  We may or may not have gone there every day for breakfast.[and by gone there every day, I mean 2 of the times this nice couple I know brought me breakfast in bed. #sleepyhead]  I discovered this place while in Seattle back in ’09 with one of my Colorado roommates. And yes I know, who has diet pepsi as their breakfast beverage? This girl! #Iamclassy




Well who do we have here? TWalk would probably kill me for this paparazzi style shot. I don’t care.  I think they’re cute.



These next few pictures are from our last dinner- right on the Waterfront.  The first picture has a shot of the brand new ferris wheel in Seattle [not a fair, a permanent fixture]. Maybe next time I’ll ride.

We had the best waiter ever and we kibitzed about everything from the Mariners, the weather, food, to his slow pitch softball team.  It’s a restaurant league.  Homeboy was the funniest.  He seemed to think we had to wait unnecessarily long for our meal (We were fine with it), so he sent over the owner of the restaurant and an offer of 2 desserts on the house.  Who were we to argue?  The first was a chocolate souffle that Mom and I shared and it was #unbelievable.

I will conclude with this final thought: If you are one of the ‘Spa girls’ then you should probably add the Spa Nordstrom to your bucket list.  I have dreams of taking friends there someday.  It is almost as good as Heaven, and I look forward to my time there pretty much all year.  Even when I worked for Corban, it was worth the splurge.  Best pedicure of your life people.

I mean HI, please look at these.

I am even dreaming of buying one of their amazing robes- but I know it won’t be quite the same ; )


What I’ve been up to…



Vacation was amazing. 85 degree sunshine, pooltime, good baseball, and good food.  You get the idea.  It was so relaxing and somehow even 6 nights is too short when you are having such a great time.  Our baseball team went 4-0 during the games we attended. Thank you for that!

Somebody had a birthday! I gifted him and my mom a 1 night stay at Salishan Resort on the coast.  We went to Best Little Roadhouse to celebrate.

Went to see the Blazers on a date with a boy.

Celebrated this beautiful friend on a lovely day with some wonderful women.

Love love love these girls.  Over the years we have been through and seen it all, and still God is faithful.

Half the group about to be Mamas? NABD. I’m behind 😉

Saw this with a boy at Bridgeport last night.  Let’s be honest, the theatre was full of pre-teen angst and I wanted to run around the theatre covering their eyes at certain points.  It was good but consider yourself warned.

In a couple hours, I’m off with BW and TW and Pastor Ron and his family to see some Beaver baseball. Doesn’t get much better on a sunny Saturday!