Look what came for Christmas!



I love it!!


In the mean time, we are gearing up for a party later today to enjoy this…



Go Beavs!!!


What I’ve been Doing…

Thought it might be a good idea to do a post of what I’ve been up to since my Christmas break started last week.

On Friday, Jason and I headed out to do Christmas with his extended family.  We had a really fun time celebrating, played a lot of games, and ate some great food! I got caught up on my baby time holding his 6 months old neice and playing with his 2 year old nephew.  Love them.

This is while we were out shopping for a gift and we took Grace to the car.  She liked Uncle swinging her car seat back and forth. : )



We did a Christmas gift exchange where we each brought a girl or guy gift and then drew numbers and picked a gift from under the tree.  Originally I drew a pretty “Mom” necklace (which I was tempted to make a joke about having a special announcement- but refrained) but I traded with an actual mom and came home with this.



Do you have a candle/wax warmer? I am excited about it.  I have heard of Scentsy and all those but never had purchased one.

Monday night was Christmas bunco! I came home with a big candle, a $10 Starbucks gift card, and one of the Starbucks reusable tumblers.  I am obsessed with those by the way.  If you don’t have one, you probley need one.  It’s only a dollar : )

Monday and Tuesday I did a lot of relaxing and caught up on laundry/some chores, as well as the usual Bootcamp (which is still killing me in a very good way).  I also did all of this:

Christmas Card writing

Christmas Card writing

present wrapping.

present wrapping.

Then yesterday I spent most of the day in the hair stylist’s chair.  It was fun…up until the moment my stylist received a phone call that she was being sued.  This with me sitting there with bleach foils all over…wondering how long they were supposed to stay on there.  Despite that bad news, everything came out how I wanted!  (after 3+ hours)

My new hair looks a lot like the old hair just an inch or two shorter with freshened up layers and some caramelly-brown highlights.  Bleach is your friend.


date night of course

date night of course

Last night I met up with Jason at Pastini Pastaria after Bootcamp for a mid-week date night.  I expected Bridgeport to be crazy and to have to circle the parking lot for 15-20 minutes to find a spot.  Imagine my surprise when I parked within 30 seconds of arriving there.

Have you ever been to Pastini?  This was my pick.  Jay and I had never been there together.  I first went there with Corban while working/at our annual Sunriver retreat.  Then about a year and a half later, I happened to be sitting at the Bridgeport location when I got the call that I had gotten the job with Lilly.  So this restaurant and I have some history.  My favorite thing there is the Gorgonzola Chicken Salad- which is no longer on the menu but they will still make for you if you ask.  Jason had their Mac and Cheese with Bacon [shocking] and we were both pleased.  You should try it if you haven’t.

Then we went to see this movie.



It was not exactly what I thought it would be- a good one to wait & see when it comes to Redbox.

Anyway, I am just loving my relaxing week over here! Hope you all are enjoying this time preparing for Christmas!

Random Tidbit.

When I get really excited about something, I have been known to half-sing about it because I am so happy.  Jason hears this the most and he recently said that when I told him about winning the iPhone I used “my Oprah Voice.”

There you have it people.  I have an Oprah Voice.

Girl Got Problems.

[ I would like to preface this post by saying I am having a very busy week.  I have been up in Portland for work, and tomorrow is my last day for the year.  One thing to know about my job- there is a ton of Admin to do for month-end.  Even more so for year-end.  So you could say I have a lot on my mind.  I have to-do lists in several places of all I need to do because we are leaving tomorrow night for GP for the weekend.  You will see how this “busy mind” comes into play and was a big factor in the following account].

Once upon a time (today), I was near downtown for work over my lunch hour and decided to return a mis-guided Sephora.com purchase at JC Penney.  Some people spend too much at Sephora and return out of buyer’s remorse (I had a coupon, ok?). Anyway, I was hurrying thinking of all I had to do and missed a couple phone calls from coworkers, so I was just trying to jet in and out of there.  Post return, I drove home to grab a bite to eat.  I went to grab my hidden work laptop but it was nowhere to be found.  Thought I must have hid it in a different place.  Nope, not in the car anywhere.  Suddenly my blood turns cold and I start literally shaking as I realize I must have left my laptop at JCPs.  Maybe I set it down on their counter while signing for my refund? I had horrific flashings in my mind of it being stolen and long gone, my firing, saying some secret words I won’t repeat here…and then frantically reversing to head back to the mall and praying the whole way.  I got stuck in some extra Christmas mall traffic on Commercial and continued to panic.  Tried to call the store but got stuck in the phone tree.  Eventually decided I was losing my mind sitting on Commercial bumper to bumper so I swerved over to park on the street by my church/Marion Street.  I blew the meter off and just ran.  I kid you not, I do not think I have ever sprinted faster in my life.  In my mind, I felt like I was running to save my job.  Literally, I saw/heard stuff fly out of my pockets of my coat, but I did not stop to pick it up.  I didn’t even care.  When I finally got to the store just a minute or two later, I was completely out of breath.  I went and looked behind the counter and saw my laptop sitting there.  Cue the big sigh of relief. Thank you, Jesus!  I went and tried to ask the salesgirl but I couldn’t even talk because I was so out of breath.  Finally she got the point and gave it back to me.  I have never been so stinking happy to see that old chunky thing.  Someone was watching out for me big time today!

Mixed Bag.

Well, by now I am sure that all of you have heard of the shooting that happened this afternoon at Clackamas Town Center.  I spent the majority of the second half of this day feeling spooked and sad.  I am a little paranoid anyway, and I long for the day when I live in the safe place free from the evil that is in this world!  Jason and I have spent a ton of time at Washington Square and Pioneer Place malls in the past 2 weeks (him even more than me) doing Christmas shopping, so I was so thankful that my little Portlander was not at Clackamas Town Center today.  I pray for the victim’s families.  Things like this make me so mad.  What is supposed to be a beautiful season about Jesus is dampered big time by a tragedy like this.  Christmas will never be the same for those who lost someone today.

Moving on.

I have recently committed to doing the music for another wedding! I love being a teeny tiny part of such a special, beautiful day!

Random sidenote: I want these boots.  After being thoroughly questioned by this guy I know on what I would like for Christmas (saying “I don’t need anything” didn’t fly) and a couple trips to Nordstrom, I decided I kind of really like them.


Do you know about this lighter color of tannish-brown boot?  It’s called Cognac, and we like it a lot with sweaters, leggings, and skinny jeans.


Aside from these random thoughts, I am just ready to wrap up these last 2 days of work so I can wrap presents and do some relaxing around the house, as well as checking my mailbox 3Xdaily for my new iPhone to arrive.  #firstworldproblems



TGIF!! also titled I Have No Self Control At Target

Finally Friday- thank the good Lord!!

I got my big Starbucks this morning- did you?

Have you been to Target lately?  This is the time of year that Target basically gets half of my paycheck each month.  #Isinglehandedlykeeptheirlightson

We won’t talk about how many times I have been to Target this week alone (3). Or how much I spent (hint: it was not less than $50).  Let’s just say I kind of like Target at Christmastime.

Despite telling myself on Wednesday that I would not visit Target again this week, I ventured out today for this watch I came across online and thought I had to have:


I am pretty sure that every single watch I have ever bought for myself has been a Michael Kors knock-off and this is no exception.  Maybe one day I’ll buy the real thing?  Anyway, for $14.99 I’d say this makes a good substitute. I try not to spend too much $$$ on pieces that are “trendy.”

In addition, I “accidentally” bought this coat. I have been looking for a nice work coat that has a hood.  All of my really warm coats don’t have a hood, and that just does not fly in the OR.  I saw it while walking by to the watches, and it was on sale!

long puffer coat


It’s so cute on, and I love the belt that cinches in the waist.  I will wear the heck out of this thing.

Plus I am tired of wearing my fuschia coat every single day.  That thing is from 2008, and one of my MAs told me today that she didn’t know my name but always refers to me as “Fuschia jacket.”  As embarrassing as this is to some, I can think of worse nicknames.

Peace to the middle east, and ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!!




I am on a roll with blogging this week thanks to Sear, so what the heck? I’ll give it one more for this week. Although since it is Thursday, we will be lazy with bullet points. Sometimes those are more fun anyway.

  •  I am in a state of constant soreness from Bootcamp.  This is a struggle because it makes me want a massage, but there is no way I will fork over the cash for one as often as I’d like.  Particularly this week, my bum bum and arms have been feeling it.  There may or may not have been a day or two I could not lower myself down to sit on the toilet.  So being the risk-taker that I am, I chose to free-fall those last 6 inches.  Life on the edge, people.  If I do not have a real bum (with shape) after this, I will know it just isn’t possible for me. #flatbottomgirls
  • ps on Bootcamp. I am having some kind of strange knee pain that makes squatting and even driving painful.  I asked my trainer what stretches I could do, or if possibly I was doing an exercise wrong.  His response: “Quit stretching, and take 2 Advil.” #okthankyou
  • I have roots, and I am not getting a color until the 19th.  I feel a little janky.  (learned this word from a Portland coworker- just trying it out)
  • Speaking of roots.  Much to Jason’s chagrin, I think I will be going a little lighter next hair appointment.  I feel like I am constantly root-tastic and it’s not cute.  Plus even though my hair color is “darkest brown” everyone calls my hair black and that bothers me for some reason.  A few months ago, Jason felt it wise to point out that my hair color occurs naturally only in the Asian population.  That went well for him.  Despite that, he begs me to keep my color this dark.  I remind him he fell in love with me when my hair was a touch lighter, and he will get used to it.  (I know, I am a real catch.)
  • Today I bought 2 powerball tickets in light of my luck this week.  Then it occurred to me that maybe all my winning means I’ve used up all my luck.  Oops?
  • Besides the end of the day when I talk to Jason, my biggest joy in weekday life is my post-Bootcamp chocolate milk.  I didn’t have plans to drink chocolate milk again really for the rest of life.  However, recently I was given direction to have a low-sugar/non fat chocolate milk or protein shake within an hour of finishing class for muscle recovery.  This is almost like when my dentist ordered me to have nothing but a milkshake for the rest of the day after a procedure.  To this I say: “OK!!! I’ve been waiting my whole life to be receive orders like this.”
  • I love Jason and I am excited to see him tomorrow…hopefully…currently he is at home sick from work.  Poor kid.
  • I love #datenight.  Did I say that already?
  • Only 5 more work days until Christmas Vacation!!
  • I conclude this random post while dreaming of the gigantic Starbucks I am going to get tomorrow- because I only get Starbucks on Fridays.  It is kind of the best thing.



The latest installment in my “radio luck” came this morning at 9am when I missed 2 calls from a Portland number I didn’t recognize.  [Am I the only one who lets unknown numbers go to voicemail a lot of the time? Don’t do that, People.  It could be someone trying to give you free prizes. ]  I was at my storage unit stocking up on the goods before heading to the Beach to see customers.  I listened to their voicemail which said “Hello Jordan, This is So-and-so from KUPL! We have something very important to tell you and we will be calling you incessantly for the next 5 minutes, so please answer your phone!”

I was confused why they were calling because I already gave them my address for the concert tickets, but I waited for them to call again.  They said, “Hey Jordan, you were kind of hard to get a hold of this morning, is it because you need a new phone?” Immediately I got really nervous and excited, because I had heard they were giving away a brand new iPhone 5 every day this week, but I didn’t know how you won that.  Anyway, I got all excited and said “Are you kidding me?”  They said “Nope! You have won a brand new iPhone 5!” I think I said “OH MY GOODNESS! THANK YOU!” about 10 times.  Imagine my surprise!! They were super nice about it and congratulatory.  We chatted and they asked me if I was a Pharmaceutical Rep by chance : ).  I honestly was even more excited because I did not know I had been entered into the drawing for the iPhone! I told them they made my week!

Anyway, to me the moral of this story is, God knew how disappointed I was by some news I got on Monday.  I just kept praying, “God I know that this didn’t surprise you  like it did me! Help me to understand and trust You have something better in store.”  Some might think I’m silly- but I say God is giving me a couple little blessings this week ; )

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


For those of you who don’t know, I have a little thing for radio contests.  Meaning- sometimes (by some strange stroke of luck) I win them.

This all began in middle school (I kid you not) when I won concert tickets and a CD on KLove.

Since then I have won a hand-full of times.

In recent years I kind of forgot about it and quit trying.  I had satellite radio in my work car and didn’t listen to regular radio much.  Recently my satellite subscription expired, and I was left to slum it on regular radio.  Kidding.

Anyway, at total random, I happened to be listening to the radio today at lunchtime and searching stations while driving.  I settled on KUPL (country) just as they announced the 1-800 number to call and win something.  I didn’t even tune in in time to hear what the contest was for, but I quickly dialed the number.  It rang right away…which was a good sign.  I let it ring for over a minute before a woman came on and asked who I was and where from!!! I said Jordan from Salem and she told me I was caller #10 and had won tickets to a Deana Carter show in Oregon City next week! 🙂


I was so excited I was literally shaking. (Also I listened to myself on the radio playback- does that make me a nerd?  I wonder if anyone I know heard me.)

So next week @jc_hiatt and myself will be scooting on up to Oregon City for a little country show.

Perfect way to celebrate the start of my Christmas Vacation! 7 work days to go!!!