Sunny Days.

My Word. The sunshine this weekend was just unreal.  I enjoyed myself to the max.  One of those weekends where you feel like … I did that to the fullest, I didn’t waste a minute and I would like to do that again 10x over. : )

Saturday looked like this:



Gosh I just love these boys.  They played unbelievably well and it was a wonderful game.  We went with our Pastor of my parents’ church in Stayton, plus his wife and daughter.  It was such a great time, and some of us may have come home with pink shoulders. Ahem. : ) Plus clearly Benny is my boy ; )

Did anyone catch the sunset on Saturday? It was gorgeous and I caught it while driving home at the end of the night. Like most things God made, this photo will not do it justice.

*Also an expert eye may notice a little bit of Instagram-ing going on.  After some subtle encouragement from a strong and sweet friend, plus a little lesson from a boy- I joined the ranks and I’m working on it.  Follow me if you wish : )

On Sunday, I slept in and went on a little hike with a boy.  We started at Marquam Trail and ended at Council Crest- which is the highest point in Portland.  It looked like this:

It was really fun to be out in the sunshine all day long, and to enjoy the beautiful weather and views!

From our hike, we went down by the waterfront to walk and have dinner at McCormick and Schmicks.

Then we went to church here:

and ended the night with this:

uhhhhhhhh dying.  We have had this twice already together.  He likely did not know what a test it was when I asked: “What kind of cheesecake is your favorite?” (while on our way to the Cheesecake Factory) Lucky for him he came up with the right answer.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the sneak peak of summer as much as I did! ; )




What I’ve been up to…



Vacation was amazing. 85 degree sunshine, pooltime, good baseball, and good food.  You get the idea.  It was so relaxing and somehow even 6 nights is too short when you are having such a great time.  Our baseball team went 4-0 during the games we attended. Thank you for that!

Somebody had a birthday! I gifted him and my mom a 1 night stay at Salishan Resort on the coast.  We went to Best Little Roadhouse to celebrate.

Went to see the Blazers on a date with a boy.

Celebrated this beautiful friend on a lovely day with some wonderful women.

Love love love these girls.  Over the years we have been through and seen it all, and still God is faithful.

Half the group about to be Mamas? NABD. I’m behind 😉

Saw this with a boy at Bridgeport last night.  Let’s be honest, the theatre was full of pre-teen angst and I wanted to run around the theatre covering their eyes at certain points.  It was good but consider yourself warned.

In a couple hours, I’m off with BW and TW and Pastor Ron and his family to see some Beaver baseball. Doesn’t get much better on a sunny Saturday!